Mobile Phone Detection Sign

At the recent TISPOL conference, Westcotec , who design and supply vehicle activated signs, launched their new mobile phone detection sign.

I was lucky enough to be able to speak to Chris Spinks from the company and get up close to this new sign. I have always found vehicle activated signs very effective. I think that on occasions the standard signs we have on our roads are so common place that we can tend to overlook them. They are essential but I think we may sometimes be a little complacent when it comes to actually ‘seeing’ them. Vehicle activated signs fill a gap in this area for me. When you may have inadvertently drifted above the speed limit a little the vehicle activated sign illuminates and warns you of your error. Whilst I can’t advocate excess speed I do understand that we all drift over the limit at times. I tend to look at these signs a little like Jimmy Cricket in the Disney classic Pinocchio. A little prick to your conscience. If such a sign illuminates for me the desired effect is achieved.. a correction in my speed.

The new sign from Westcotec is fascinating in how it works but as Chris says in the linked article below.. “This is purely about education.. ” The sign will struggle to differentiate between a driver using a phone and a passenger. However, I believe an activation for either will help to drive home the message that phone use whilst driving is dangerous.

I look forward to seeing how this product develops and any results from tests.

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