New Zealand Cops Twitter Blowout

Twitter has been in place within a policing context for many years and we get better at it all the time. Not just in the UK but internationally and we can all learn from one another. One of the first things I tell people who are starting out on Twitter is to find other accounts like them (I always recommend a few) and have a good look at what they are doing. Learning from the practice and behaviour of others is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get an idea for how the platform works.

Are we getting it right? I think the jury might still be out on that one. Maybe it would be fairer to ask if we are using it to its full potential. That would be a definite no. Maintaining standards and control can be tricky. It’s not so bad when you are an individual and run your own account. There’s only you to blame after all. Issues can arise though when a team of users run an account.

When an account has a good reputation, consistently good content and some skilled staff posting it is a thing of wonder. Then, occasionally, someone has a bad day or a new person is let loose on the account.. the consequences ‘can’ be catastrophic.

Who knows that happened in New Zealand with this one but the outcome is well known and published on media outlets across the world. Take a read of the article linked below and learn… there are some places you just don’t go in life.. and so definitely not on social media either. There’s a time when you can blame some posts on social media naivety… and there are some times when common sense seems to have been abandoned altogether.

Start a discussion.. what do you think?

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