Saudi Arabia Snapchat Death

Yet another fatal road crash where social media has played it’s part in distracting the driver.

There are two factors to this that make it important. The first and foremost is that this is streaming and driving. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram live, Facebook Live, Periscope… or any other platform. The practice of live video is inherently dangerous and often leads to serious injury or death. As can be seen. It is a global issue.

The second and more important factor for me in this case is that the person actually streaming isn’t the driver. It’s the passenger. Just look at the driver. The video is very short but his attention to the road ahead is pretty much zero. This highlights a very real issue that drivers will often not think about. In such circumstances they are caught up in the moment, it’s fun and they are enjoying themselves and lets face it.. they aren’t committing a mobile phone offence because they aren’t holding it or using it. Though the consequences are clearly the same.

Fooling around in a car and having a good time like this is not conducive to safe driving. In fact even by removing the video you could still end up with fatal consequences. Watch this great distraction video from the DOE Road Safety Team in Northern Ireland. Makes you think? I hope so. #DontSteamAndDrive and it’s fair to say you shouldn’t be a passenger and stream either.

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