Livestreaming Driver Kills 9

There have been times, particularly when facing criticism, that I have questioned myself about the #DontStreamAndDrive campaign. Is it still relevant? Is it having any impact? Am I going about it the wrong way? Is there a way to do it better? Is it still a problem?

This, of course, is entirely healthy and part of the natural cycle of learning and development. A constant review process.

Sadly, if I ever had any serious doubts about the campaign, it never takes long for an incident to occur that reinforces why it must continue. Why it must keep pushing for change. Why it must continue the pressure to get more organisations and individuals to show their support.

The latest tragic news from Romania is not the same but shares similarities to the multiple fatal on the M1 at Newport Parnell.

A driver of a minibus, whilst livestreaming to Facebook has crashed and killed 9 people.

This behaviour is not going away. It is not getting better. It’s getting worse.

pic via Romania-Insider

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