Texting Trucker

Another sad case where a driver has lost their life through their own folly.

There is so much evidence out there that demonstrates how use of a mobile phone whilst driving is incredibly dangerous and yet people still do it. Every single day.

The reactions of a driver using a phone whilst driving (even handsfree) are increased by more than a driver at the drink drive limit. Think about that. Most people these days would not even consider drinking and driving (I adopted the #NoneForTheRoad concept years ago and I implore you to do the same. Never mind a half or just one… try nothing.) yet they will gladly pick up a phone and repeatedly expose themselves and other road users to increased risks.

Fortunately this driver did not involve anyone else but it is quite clear that he had absolutely no control over his vehicle the minute it hit the first verge. Control he gave up to send texts… saying what?

My team are going to beat yours?

I’ll be home by 6?

I love you and I’m sorry for last night?

Whatever the content of the texts I can guarantee pound to a penny there were not as important as his life.

One final point. We regularly see truck drivers and others who drive as the major part of their occupation as professional drivers. I wholly disagree with this. I once drove a van for a living. I was therefore a professional driver. Yet I’d had no additional training. No extra qualifications. Nothing. Truck drivers may have a difficult test. They may have regular medicals. They may have many 100’s of thousands of miles under them. However. Any driver, who believes they are a professional driver relinquishes that title the minute they go anywhere near a phone whilst driving.

Lorry driver killed in crash was distracted by text messages

pic via BBC link above

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