#DontStreamAndDrive Day is a way of consolidating all the work that goes on year round into one awareness day. An opportunity to give the message a big push and drive home the importance of challenging streaming and driving. The campaign is completely run through social media on a number of platforms.

The first #DontStreamAndDrive day was April 8th 2016 and obtained the support of many police forces, road safety charities and organisations, ambulance services, fire and rescue services and more. Following a busy year presenting to many groups about the dangers the 2017 day went ahead on March 2nd. This time with the support of the NRPIF (National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum) and the NPCC (National Police Chiefs Council). It was deliberately timed to coincide with a national mobile phone campaign as the UK penalties were doubled to 6 points and a £200 fine. With top level policing support the campaign picked up many additional supporters including the UK Govt road safety team THINK!

Notwithstanding the year round work and effort put into the run up to the event, the two days, in isolation, have engenered a social media reach of over 40 million people.

In an ideal world there would be no need for a #DontStreamAndDrive day. However, despite the campaigning, the practice continues to grow as more platforms open themselves up to live video capability. A short search on any day will quickly find a driver engaging in this dangerous behaviour. The need for the campaign is as vital now as it was when it started.

The campaign would not be the success it has been without the fantastic support of many police colleagues and friends on Twitter who help to push #DontStreamAndDrive message.

With the hope of their continued support the #DontStreamAndDrive Day 2018 is set for Tuesday April 3rd.

Corporate Supporters 2018

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
National Police Chiefs Council
Brake Charity
North West Motorway Policing Group
GEM Motoring Assist
Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall
Greater Manchester Police
Somerset Road Safety
Police Federation of England and Wales
Essex Police
North Yorkshire Police
Road Safety GB
Suffolk Police
Norfolk Police
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Child Seat Safety
Eau Claire Police Department, WI, USA
Bucks and Surrey Trading Standards
Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent
Oxon Fire and Rescue Service
Volunteer Police Cadets
Blue Light Aware
Operation Dragoon
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service
Montebello Police Department, CA, USA
North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
Birmingham Updates
Cumbria Crack
British Transport Police Federation
Lancashire Constabulary
Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue
Am2Pro Ltd
Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Police Professional
Wiltshire Police
Youth For Road Safety
Methuen Police, MA, USA
Cumbria Police
Northumbria Police
Cleveland Police
Durham Constabulary
Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service
West Sussex Fire and Rescue
East England Ambulance Service
Merseyside Police