Distracted driving kills. It is a big problem on the UK roads. It’s a big problem on the US roads. It’s a big problem worldwide.

The #DontStreamAndDrive Thunderclap runs every year. It’s a great way for organisations and individuals to get involved in the campaign but takes away the worry of having to post on the actual day. Sign up and Thunderclap will post for you. In many ways it is nothing more than a scheduling tool.

The sign ups and social reach for the #DontStreamAndDrive campaign have increased year on year and 2018 should be no different.

The campaign is internationally recognised but take up of the Thunderclap by forces in the UK and police departments in the USA is slow.

In order to try and address that issue I have created the UK v USA #DontStreamAndDrive challenge. There is no prize for winning.. just the overall bragging rights on social media!

The rules.

Each UK police force corporate account that signs up and supports the Thunderclap will mean that county/counties will be marked off on a map as supporting. There are 43 forces in England and Wales

Each state in the USA will be checked off when at least one police department in that state signs up to the #DontStreamAndDrive Thunderclap. (must be a main account.. not an individual officer)

Who will win? Ultimately the drivers on our roads will win as we continue to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving by livestreaming video.

What can you do? Ask the force/police dept that you know or in the area you live to sign up and support the Thunderclap. We will take care of the rest.

Think of it like the ‘Ryder Cup’ of the road safety world. Go for it.