The THINK! campaign is run by the UK Governments Department for Transport. They run road safety campaigns on a number of key topics that appear in national media, television adverts, roadside posters and educational resources.

Road Safety GB is a charity that works hard with representative groups and organisations across the UK such as local government and road safety teams with the sole intention of reducing the number and severity of road collisions. They run a training academy and their website is fantastic source for the latest road safety news and information.

Brake Charity have been campaigning on road safety issues for many years. They provide victim support, run many campaigns each year and work with professional groups, school children and more. Brake’s vision is a world that has zero road deaths and injuries thereby allowing people to get around in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and fair.

TISPOL is the European Traffic Police Network. TISPOL was established by the traffic police forces of Europe in order to improve road safety and law enforcement on the roads of Europe. Their main priority is to reduce the number of people being killed and seriously injured on Europe’s roads. They believe the enforcement of traffic law and education, where appropriate, makes a significant contribution to reducing the carnage on our roads. They host a number of European wide road safety campaigns each year and are the founders of #ProjectEDWARD

Road Safety Wales is a national body for Wales established to create ‘unity from diversity’ by developing and sustaining co-operation and interaction between all key partners across Wales and/or agencies with the responsibility for road safety promotion. Their mission is to further casualty reduction through collaborative working.