Driver videos passengers death

The practice of fooling around in cars and recording or live streaming video is sadly giving me content for this site every day.

The footage on this link is graphic. Fortunately the final moments have been trimmed out but you can just imagine how horrific this was.

What made Natalia do this? Drunk, drugged, both? Maybe just high on life. Whatever the circumstances her behaviour is clearly stupid. Her family probably totally perplexed as to why their beautiful daughter did something so obviously dangerous.

The other issue with this is the driver. The full facts are not known to me but look at video. It is steady and follows Natalia’s movements very well. If the driver were watching the road this camera footage would be waving all over the place. This clearly indicates the driver was focussing more on recording this event rather than concentrating on the road.

Distracted drivers often swerve onto or drift into the wrong side of the road. Did she drift into the path of oncoming vehicles? Did she drift to the side whereupon Natalia came into contact with street furniture?

The facts remain unknown but two facts are indisputable. Natalia was engaged in foolish behaviour in a moving vehicle and the driver recording the event was not in proper control of the car and contributed to this tragic outcome.


Addendum 14.10.17

Driver of same care reportedly arrested for drink drive.

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