Handsfree calls are dangerous

In this sad case the lady in question was engaged in a handsfree call for 20 minutes leading up to the collision. She drifted across the road and went head on with the oncoming traffic. On being found guilty the judge has warned drivers that handsfree phone calls are a distraction and dangerous.

This is not new. TRL established in 2002 that handsfree calls impaired a driver more than driving at the drink drive limit.

The UK mobile phone legislation has changed a number of times but it was flawed from the start and remains so. The legislation has embedded bad driver behaviour by endorsement of handsfree use. It is not an offence and thereby deemed to be ok. It is not. Very much not ok at all.

This is important for you personally and for you and your business if you manage staff who conduct day to day business by phone whilst driving.

Time to put your phone on do not disturb and concentrate on your driving. Employers must start moving to “non-use” policies for their mobile workforce.

Distracted driving kills


** Update**

Driver has returned to court and been sentenced to 3 years in jail. This was a legal “handsfree” call as far as the mobile phone offence is concerned. However, the driver has exposed herself to far more serious offences.

Handsfree calls are distracted driving.


pic credit – Daily Telegraph

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